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Eu quando era pequenina, vivi de perto o espírito de Halloween e posso dizer que tenho imensas saudades! Por isso decidi responder a esta TAG – nostalgia 
»»A tag está escrita em inglês««

1. Do you still Trick or Treat?

No, since I moved to Portugal I never went back to trick or treating (but I really miss that).

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, but if I have the chance, yes I would go – with friends – never alone!!

3. Favourite Halloween movie?

I’m not really into horror movies..

4. Favourite costume you wore as a child?

Halloween is not only for creepy or horror costumes.. I celebrated my last Halloween dressed up as Barney – my favourite cartoon (I was 9 years old).

5. Costume you would love to wear?
I like to dress up.. Do my own makeup.. (you can see for yourself  – pictures below).

6. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?
Not my house, but where I work – yes, we decorated it every year – which is an english school.

We can’t put up scary things (like bloody bodies in bags) but would love too!!

7. What are your plans for this years halloween?
I have no idea, there are many things to do in my city, but I still haven’t found out, what I am going to do.

8. Do you ever dress up your pet?
No, but that would be hilarious!!!

9. What was the worst thing you were given when trick or treating?

I remember this one time, that they gave me rocks instead of candy. They were wrapped in candy paper, so at the time, I thought it was candy. But the next day, I went through my candy bag and saw this and just got really mad!! Because I couldn’t remember which house gave me that stupid joke!!

10. Favourite thing about Halloween?

I can’t choose only one thing, it’s impossible! 
When I was a kid, I remember at school our teacher would give each one of us pumpkins and we would carve their faces and would take out the seeds, clean and dry them, so later we could eat them.
Loved to see the houses decorated.. There was this one house, that make their own graveyard and it was so cool!!! 

11. Post a picture of your last Halloween costume.

I didn’t dress up last halloween, but I can show you all the fun costumes I made throughout the years.. Here in Portugal..
Thank you Ana for this fun …

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