Japan Fun Box!!!

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I am such a sweet tooth and when it comes to trying out new things, I am totaly ready to give out my honest feedback!

I discovered this online shop called Japan Fun Box  – which has many sweets and salty snacks, I asked them, if they wanted to do a cooperation and lucky me, they did!
So, I recieved at home, this box full of great stuff!

Let’s start off with the sweet stuff

Kajiriccho – grape and soda

Now more delicious with more fruit juice, this is a 2-layer type soft candy that you can eat by taking a bite out of the whole candy. A cool soda flavour is wrapped with a popular grape-flavoured candy.

My opinion:

It’s very delicious, as I said I’m a sweet tooth and this was my favourite candy!! I could it more than one any time!!

Whistle candy – plain flavour
A classic, popular candy in Japan. You can out this candy in your mouth and whistle with it. A cute and fun toy box comes with this candy.

My opinion:
It has a lemon flavour, and it’s quite good actually. Easy to eat, it almost melts in your mouth. It’s a soft candy. I enjoyed it!

Kiss mint

The cooling component coated on the surface of the gum, spreads a cool fruity flavour from the moment you put it in your mouth. Since it combines a watering component and 3% (conversion ratio) frozen orange juice, you can enjoy a natural juicy flaviour as you chew.

My opinion:
I thought it would be more fresher, like peppermint kind, but no, it’s a lighter “coolness” which is quite nice, because, you can chew it well. I only thought that the flavour doesn’t remind that long in the gum (but it could be my impression). Anyways, I liked it.
Delicious Moist Strawberry
A light and rich taste is made possible by combining a light corn snack with abundant strawberry chocolate. The scent of strawberry drifts all of your mouth.

My opinion:
It smells very good. It looks likes pink bread heart shapes. Once you taste it, it’s not bad, it has a strawberry flavour but it’s crunchy and soft at the same time. After eating some, I started to fed up of it. It’s not a thing I would eat very often. 
Now the salty ones:

Pretz Tomato taste
The great Japanese long-established company’s technology. It was baked crunchy outside and crispy inside with special manufacture methods. We can taste the sweet tomato and green vegetables and crisp and fragant PRETZ.

My opinion:
Smells sooo good, like tomato and herbs. And it tastes even better! Really delicious, great for a snack with friends. 

(And I saved the best for last!)

Pizza Potato
People around the world would say the pizza potato taste is good and finally this pizza potato add to line up in the Funbox. Who think up the potato chips go well with cheese? Rich cheese on the zig-zag cut thick potato. This potato chips is only Japan.
My opinion:
They smell like cheese OH MY GOD!! I love pepperoni pizza and I thought this bag of chips were going to taste as the pepperoni pizza. (not even close). It tastes so much as chesse, it’s not bad – it could taste a bit more as pepperoni (that would be a blast!!) It was a bit spicy, but it’s fine. I really enjoyed the chips!!! 

I want to trutly thank the Japan FunBox for the delicious box!
I really like to try new things, from other countries and I think Japan has so much to offer!
You can subscribe per month for 14,99$ for 5 to 7 items
49.99$ for a box with 25-30 items!  (you can share with me, I don’t mind)

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