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Hoje venho falar-vos de uma página no facebook que pinta lenços de namorados de Vila Verde em cerâmica. Tem peças lindas!

Agora lançaram uma linha de calçado: sapatilhas pintadas com os mesmos lenços de namorados.. e posso dizer que estão fantásticos! Já reservei um par para mim! Estou a falar da Lucilia Dantas Artesanato.



PT Para ver em branco aqui. Preto aqui.
EN Check out the white ones here. Black here.


Hey guys!
Today’s post is about a traditional Portuguese handwork. 

For those who don’t know, I’ll talk about the history and the meaning of these paintings.

A breif History
Lenços dos Namorados (Sweetheart Handkerchiefs or
Fiancée Handkerchiefs) are handkerchiefs made of linen or cotton and
embroidered with several related love patterns/poems. This piece of handcraft
is part of the typical clothing from Minho province (in Northern
Portugal) and used by women of marrying age.
Lenços dos Namorados” were used
as a ritual of romantic conquest. The girl’s sweetheart should use the
handkerchief in public so that everyone would know he had started a love
relationship with her. (in the old days – today this doesn’t happen)
An example of a poem of a girl in love, she would embroidered her handkerchief:
Escreve-me amor, escreve.
Lá no meio do caminho;
Se não achares papel,
Nas asas de um passarinho
Write to me, my love, write.
It the middle of your journey;
If you can´t find paper,
on the wings of a little bird
And it would have drawings with specific meanings:
a rose: woman;

a heart:love;

a lily:virginity;

a red carnation:  some provocation;

a dove – symbol of the ‘in-love couple


And the girl would give it to her sweetheart when he left on a sea journey to the former colonial provinces.

“Lenços dos Namorados” is nowadays a certified regional handwork.
If you come to Portugal (in a nearer future) you can see many beautiful crafts, pottery, bags, wedding dresses, etc..

Lucilia Dantas Artesanato 

Is the creater of these beautiful trainers! She has other crafts, such as painted Sweetheart Handkerchiefs on pottery. But I just love the trainers! What about you? I have alreay reserved a par for me!!!

You can see more products on their website here.

They sell world wide

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