STYLEWE is not just one more fashion online shop.

“It’s designers at fingertips”

But what makes it so different from the other fashion online shops?

The answer is simple: they have a special platform featuring fashion designers, where each item is original with high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.

“We will turn the fashion designers’ dreams into reality by providing high fashion to costumers worldwide.”

And that’s why I really liked the store, because it has items that no other shop has. It’s an unique fashion store at just a click of a button:

I could spend hours on the website, looking for the perfect item.

There are so many beautiful things, I already have about 15 products in my wishlist

As the main goal of the website is to give a special platform for the fashion designers, I would go through each designer, and look at their collection – my favourite designers are: 

ToyouthOTHER CRAZYAMIIELF SACKAporia. ASSikya & Anne Chen.

From these 7 designers, I choose to talk about one item, that I fell in love at first sight:  this yellow scrambled egg short sleeved top.

What does the fashion designer say about this item: “Toyouth is an expression of independent spirit. In a time when the design following the trend occupies much more market than the original design, Toyouth insists to make clothes that are able to express everyone’s unique inner world. Letting nature, character, emotion and art flow and integrate together freely, the clothes are stylish with multiple colors, fluent clipping and emotional expression. Toyouth explores the world of fashion design with the creativity inspired by arts of different countries in different time.”

Ceci (the fashion designer) reads my mind, when she says:  Toyouth is an expression of independent spirit.

It’s a fun and different kind of top. It’s like a crop top, with see through holes at the bottom (belly part) and at the sleeves.

I choose the colour yellow because, it’s a happy colour and it fits well with other colours.

It’s very confortable, it’s made out of cotton. You can wear this top in Spring, Summer nights or even in Autumn. It comes in many sizes, from S to XL. Mine is an XL.

But you can see for yourself, more details of the top here.

I can’t wait to photograph many outfits!!!

I recommend this one of a kind fashion online shop!

  • Hellz.


    Muito bonita a peça que você recebeu da marca! a cor combinou bastante com você


  • Jessy


    Super gira 🙂

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