Tea lover..


Everybody in my family drinks tea: at breakfast, at dinner time, or even before going to bed. And I couldn’t understand how did they like it!

When I started drinking tea.. I would put lots of sugar in it..
But things changed!

Since I went to Holland 5 years ago, to study.. I became addicted to tea! (how is this possible?)
Everybody, everywhere, people would drink tea! And so, I couldn’t be different and started drinking as well, but without sugar!!

Wow, how places change people!
Holland changed me.. in a very good way!

Now I love tea.. I drink it all the time – well, not all the time, I can’t drink it at breakfast (I need my coffee).

My question for you: what do you recommend?
I want to try new flavours.. 

Estou a procura de novos sabores de chá para experimentar!
Quais é que recomendam e onde compram?


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