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Desculpem, mas o post será em Inglês (qualquer dúvida, têm aqui o google tradutor no blog).

Today I’m going to talk about an online shop that I have wrote before, and I actually have two items.
You can read the posts here and here. I’m talking about Stylewe.

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Remember the film Pretty Woman? Well this outfit, remembers an outfit she wore and I just adore it!!
It’s a two piece floral-print casual romper. I wouldn’t mind wearing it at all!.

Blouses and more blouses, I can’t get enough of these!! They are both so cute and so different!
Maybe nº 2, I’ll used it with more formal outfits. And nº 3 with some jeans.

What about the bikinis?!
I really liked this bikini, it’s sooo cute and sooo vintage, don’t you think? I wouldn’t mind wearing it, this summer!!

Maxi Dresses– who doesn’t like long dresses?

This is a piece, that every woman should have in their wardrobe!

They ‘re both different in their own way… The black is more informal,  and maybe the orange one is more formal.. But both are very beautiful.. 
Did you like my choices?
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  • Raquel


    Gostei das escolhas, achei os bikinis e o último vestido mesmo giros. Beijinhos 🙂

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