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Hey Giggles!

Remember went I wrote this post here, talking about this great online shop where there’re Designers at Fingertips?!
They loved my blog so much, that they gave me an other oportunity of choosing an other item – once again, I found it hard, just to pick one item!


The unique fashion online shop – is just a click away!

They have a very long list of fashion designers! And they are so talented! It’s fashion styles for all tastes!

I chose a very simple black tee, great to use in the Autumn season.

Their shipping is really fast, it comes with DHL!!

What I liked more about it, was the shape and the material. Because it was a bit diferent from the “normal” style. It’s made of cotton 100%.

This time, I chose an item from the designer Zijue. Salma Wang she has a minimalist style, she likes to combine the modern style with a simple one. With plain colours. Comfortable fabrics. 

For more info, you can see here.

It’s a confortable item, it’s great for summer nights and autumn days (it’s a bit cool). 

It’s a bit tight at the bottom (where my tummy is) and this is size XL!

Salma Wang says “fashion is a kind of inner expression; people can show their personality and follow their heart voice by clothes.” And I couldn’t agree more!!!

Once again, thank you StyleWe for the cooperation.

Your a great company to work with.

  • Hellz.


    Muito bom quando você curte um site e ele te curte de volta, né?Sinal de que você tem feito um bom trabalho com seu blog.
    Gostei da peça, combinou bastante com você *-*


  • Joana Freitas


    Adorei o look! So stylish, my dear 🙂

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