I like having you around…


To my fellow english followers, as you may have seen around here, there are some posts, that I don’t translate, for many reasons:

First of all, I want you to read simple posts.. I don’t want to upset you or make your reading boring, by seeing a BIG POST, (because of the PT and EN)  translating some posts, they become bigger and when you see big post, you don’t even read them (at least it happends to me), so I don’t want you to be unconfortable around here.

Other posts, simply don’t have the right translation. For example, there are many sayings in PT that doesn’t quite have the same meaning in english and vice versa, anyways, you can also translate yourself using the translate botton.

I try to make this a dua language blog. I really don’t mind translating.. but it’s like I say, I don’t wanted to bore you out with BIG POSTS.

I hope you understand my position.

I really care for you guys, and really like having you around!!

Take care!


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