Prom Dresses

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Today’s post is about a boutique online shop, with a wide range of beautiful dresses and fancy acessories. And this shop, is from my home town – Canada!!

There are dresses for all types: sweet to sophisticated prom dresses, semi-formal attire and formal wear.

Here are some of my favourites:

Red & Black dress | Blue dress
The Red & black dress, is sooo beautiful. I wouldn’t mind wearing it for a wedding or for  fancy party. I really love how the top is cut and that cute lace on the waist. And the V cut on the back!! 
The Blue dress is also very pretty. I really love that blue navy colour and the details of the top. It’s soo fancy. The V cleavage is just too much for me… It’s a bit sexy 🙂 
Black dress | Blue dress

The Black dress is also very pretty and sexy. This dress will make you even taller, with that crop bright top. Such a great dress for a fancy party.

This Blue dress is very fancy as well, I really like how the back is covered with Crystal Detailing. It’s a bit sexy in it’s own way and I like that.
They even have plus size dresses!! That is a really nice, because, not all of us have “model bodies”.

Once again, I choose a blue coloured dress, maybe because, blue is easy combination colour.
It’s very beautiful, it doesn’t make you fatter. It’s a loose dress, and it looks confortable.
All of their dresses has an extra attention to the detail, from the top quality fabrics they use, to their sales assistants expertise.
PickeDresses is an extraordinary accompaniment to your every desire!!
This is a sponsored post.

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