Watermelon style!

I’m in love with my watermelon t’shirt!
I bought it at Primark, for only 5€ and it’s a guy t’shirt.. !!
It fits quite well, with everything! I love wearing with my black pencil skirt.. but with some jeans (black or blue) and my green all stars sneakers are just right as well.
I’m still working on my photo poses.. so just having fun, taking photos!
And of course, I took the photos to show off my new white sneakers!! I’m also in love with them! I just hate the fact that they are white and get dirty easily..

As you can see for yourself, I wore it like two times, and they are already dirty! I was very careful.. But somehow, they got this new colour, from noknows how?!

How about you? Do you like the new trend? Fruit style?


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