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I was recently contacted by GearBest.
What is GearBest? Well, it’s an online shop with lots of interesting things, since clothing until gadgets!
I had the opportunity to choose 3 items, so that I could talk about them on my blog.
I picked out some pretty and different clothing, unfortunately one of the items I choose was out of stock, so they sent an other item (which I loved so much!).
All items are size XL (and for a change, they were really big! Everything fit me perfectly!)
I was tempted to achieve this item, because of this post.

It’s made of Cotton, it’s very confortable and long (not a crop top). Really nice to wear in the spring weather.

The second item, was a pretty pink blouse. In the description it says “dress”, actually the blouse is really long (but for me, it could be a very short dress). So, let’s keep it as a blouse.

I choose this item, because it screamed out Vintage! The colour is beautiful, it’s like an old pinkish and it’s a really nice and comfy. It’s really light, and I don’t think it’s see-through. 

I can’t wait to wear them and show how they look nice in outfits!!!

The other item, I choose was a dress to wear to the beach, but it was out of stock, so they sent me a beautiful silver ring! It’s so cute to use in the summer time, it screams out beach time!!

Many thanks to GearBest staff, for the kind cooperation!

I recomend having a look at the website.
They always have promotions and really great stuff!!

  • Hellz.


    o anel foi meu preferido *-* quero um igual, como faz? HAHAHAH
    as blusas parecem combinar bastante com você. Parabéns pela parceria!


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