Conhecem a Lookbook.nu? É um site prefeito para colocares os teus outfits e ver o estilo de pessoas de todo mundo!
No passado mês, começei a colocar os meus outfits e fazer amizades.. e é muito fixe! Gosto muito ver estilos completamente diferentes dos meus e de saber que há gente que gosta dos meus!!
Do you know Lookbook.nu? It’s the perfect site of outfits! You can post yours and see others completly diferent from your one, from people all over the world!
Last month, I started posting my outfits and faning people.. and it’s really cool! I really like seeing styles very different from my one and how they mixture the cores and patterns of clothing. And knowing that people like my own simple style!!!

PT Caso que tenham conta, deixam um comentário com o link, e trocamos gostos e amizades!
EN If you have an account, please leave a comment with the link, so we can trade hypes and be fans of one an other!

Please be my fan! 🙂

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