Summer is coming… Metallic Bikini

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The title says it all… Summer is almost around the corner and I’m already thinking of bikinis!!
Which one to buy? Metallic bikinis (that are in vogue) or leopard bikinis?! 
So, I have been browsing Zaful and found some cute ones. Tell me which you like best.
 I kinda like how the golden underpantie goes well with the pink bikini bra. 
Bikini 1 | Bikini 2
I really like these two bikinis. Both of them are kinda cute in their own way. I would definitely wear them.
Here are my choices:
Bikini 1 | Bikini 2

 Really like that topm that shows a little of cleavage. It doesn’t show alot, so it’s perfect.
 Loving the high waist panties!!

Bikini 3 | Bikini 4

Number 3 is so cute, because it reminds me of a mermaid! The cups of the bra are cut out like shells.
Number 4 is so funny! I would wear it just for fun.

Bikini 5 | Bikini 6

These two bikinis are quite sexy.. Both have less cloth (you can see by the panties). Number 6 is quite lovely by the way, with that simple top.

Which one did you like more?
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